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He built some of the equipment himself, and on February 11,the station signed on from the basement of the Ceries' home in suburban Crestwood. The station called itself "The Lady of FM," and had a classical music format.

For a while, all the announcers were women. Most of the basement was used for the station operations, with the Associated Press Teletype installed next to the clothes washer.

kalp sağlığı grubu st louis mo

The record library room doubled as an administrative office where Mrs. Kalp sağlığı grubu st louis mo also did her ironing.

Listener loyalty was strong, and at times they would come to the station with copies of classical selections they thought were better than the ones being played on KSHE.

Unfortunately, advertisers were not convinced FM radio—particularly classical music on FM radio—had much of an audience. Inthe station was sold to Century Broadcasting.

kalp sağlığı grubu st louis mo

In late'68 and most of '69 they would play whole albums in the late afternoon and late at night any day of the week. KSHE would frequently play concept albums in their entirety, as well as entire album sides from favorites such as Rush. Sunday evenings were dedicated to playing seven albums from seven different artists on a show called the Seventh Day starting in the late s, a program that continues to this day.

The albums usually were played from pm until after midnight.

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The Seventh Day concept was later used by other stations around the country. It contains video clips, audio clips, pictures and memorabilia.

kalp sağlığı grubu st louis mo

Mascot[ edit ] The station mascot is a sunglasses-and-headphones-wearing pig named "Sweetmeat," the likeness of which originally appeared on the cover of Blodwyn Pig 's album ' Ahead Rings Out '. This "controversial" detail disappeared in the early '80s in favor of an updated, cartoon "rocker" pig.

In recent years, the station has returned to using the original image, along with the original KSHE text logo. At top, the cartoon Sweetmeat used in the s; at bottom, "vintage" Sweetmeat used as of June

kalp sağlığı grubu st louis mo