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    ÖZ Aim: The aim of our study is to Hipertansif hastaların diyeti the factors affecting the relationship between healthy eating attitudes and sağlık dergisi kalp hastalığı of life of white-collar workers who have to sit and work for a long time.

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    Material and Methods: The universe of this cross-sectional descriptive study was created by white-collar employees working in Karabuk Provincial Health Center between 01 October January Participants were asked 14 questions about their sociodemographic characteristics, disease and drug use status, 30 questions about their professional life quality, and 21 questions to evaluate their nutritional attitudes.

    The difference between the two groups with normal distribution was analyzed with the independent sample t-test, and the relationship between the two variables was analyzed with the pearson correlation test.

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    Questionnaires and scales were administered to the participants online. Results: It was determined that It was determined that male participants had higher nutritional attitude scale scores than females.

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    It was determined that there was a weak and negative relationship between the Nutrition Attitude Scale and the Occupational Quality of Life Scale mean scores, but strong relationships in the subscales. Knowledge about nutrition and positive eating habits have a strong and positive relationship with compassion satisfaction.

    There is a positive relationship between feelings about nutrition and bad eating habits and burnout.

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    A positive correlation was found between feelings about nutrition and bad eating habits and compassion fatigue. Discussion: White-collar employees do not pay attention to their main meals, financial difficulties are effective in insufficient and unbalanced nutrition problems, and their nutrition is not at a good level due to poor working conditions. In this context, the fact that white-collar employees have healthy and high-quality living conditions affects the increase in their professional life quality, productivity and professional satisfaction, and measures should be taken in this direct.

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