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Early diagnosis and decompression of spinal cord is needed as soon as possible, not to cause severe neurological deficit and permanent neurological sequelae which the most effective surgical treatment method.

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Case: Male patient who is 63 year old, applied to the emergency department 12 hours before, with complaints of urinary incontinence and weakness on his legs. It was determined that patient had acute spinal epidural hematoma compressing spinal cord from posterior at the level of ThL1, on MRI thoracolumbar of the patient who had no history of trauma.

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The patient was operated by starting methylprednisolone. Epidural hematoma was evacuated by applying laminectomy to related level.

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The patient was included in the rehabilitation program who did not have any improvement in neurological deficits at the early postoperative period after discharge. The patient's neurological deficit completely improved after 6 months. Conclusion: For the patients who had a history of hypertension, spinal epidural hematoma with acute paraparesia should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

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  • To investigate this hypothesis, anal sphincter pressure was measured using a series of perfused probes of cm diameter in six men with chronic anal fis Rektum Kanserlerinde Sfinkter Koruyu Girişimlerin Neoadjuvan Kemoradyoterapi ile İlişkisi YearVolume 8, Issue 2, 97 -Sonuç: Distal rektal kanseri sebebi ile sfinkter koruyucu cerrahi geçirmifl olgularda görülen diyabeti, 2 olgunun ise hipertansiyonu mevcuttu.

For these patients steroid therapy and rehabilitation in addition to early surgical intervention could cause full sfinkter hipertansiyonu of neurological deficit.

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