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    Bomb attack against Italian population in Pula, Amateur photo of the explosion Memorial in Pula Monument in Trieste close by the Cathedral of San Giusto The Vergarola Explosion known in Italy as Vergarolla Massacre [1] took place on 18 August when hipertansiyon nedenleri videosu sudden detonation of 12 large pieces of assorted ordnance[2] containing an estimated 9 tons of explosives, killed more than people and injured others [3] at Vergarola or Vergarolla beach, in Pula Polawhich was at the time under temporary Allied military administration.

    Initial newspaper reports cited 43 dead and 57 injured, including two British soldiers.

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    Erskine, commander of the 24th Guards Brigade who reported on 8 September that the accident was caused by the detonation of three torpedo warheads, four TNT demolition charges and five smoke generators. He said that the munitions had been inspected on several occasions and had been certified as being safe and that "I do not consider therefore that it is possible for it to have exploded without being detonated.

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    This is confirmed by the fact that a small preliminary explosion was heard and a fire was seen burning. I am satisfied that the ammunition was safe and properly inspected and that it was not feasible to place guards over it. I therefore consider that no blame for the explosion lies with the Allied Military Authorities.

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